• Sora Garden- premium complex residential area

    Sora Garden- premium complex residential area which owner is Becamex Tokyu. The building includes 1500 apartments mixed with trade center and offices. There is 3 level for parking with large capacity, modern equipment with a lot ease for the residents.


    Sora Garden has a great location at Binh Duong new city. Two great real estate investors are Tokyu from Japan and Binh Duong Becamex in Vietnam, Sora Gardens has caught new trend and has attracted all citizens in Binh Duong. It is a complex building with 3 apartment towers mix trade center and offices for lease.

    Car parking with green space, natural sunshine, trees. It is absolutely pure environment, without air pollution, is green lifestyle for the people are living here.

    Green Parking with edition designed for apartment area to secure and guarantee safety in area.

    Features – Sora Gardens Parking control system

    Two separated control gates

    There are 2 lanes for bikes and 1 lanes for cars at each gate and car and bike will share 1 lane.

    Convert lanes function.

    Software for residential area add more functions: control monthly card, monthly fee, remind fee, report and manage revenue…


    Toàn cảnh hệ thống vận hành kiểm soát cổng tại Sora Gardens Bình Dương


    Cổng số 1

     Gate 1

    cLối ra 1 làn ô tô, 1 làn xe máy

    1 lane for cars and 1 lane for bikes

    Lối vào ô tô

    Car Entrance

    Cổng số 2

    Gate 2

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