• Parking Solutions at building complex

    Enterprise Buildings includes premium apartments, trade center, office leasing, hotel,… It is an architectural complex with modern and intelligent life space which is developing in Vietnam. With many years in parking operation, Green Parking deliveries parking solution for complex building with specialized features.


    Operation time: 24/7

    Operate continuously

    Aesthetic makes it highly consonance in populated area, which looks professional and hi tech.

    Smart and automation, makes it convenient in operation but in allowed and limited safe rate.

    Fee operation: monthly ticket or once ticket or ticket with conditions.

    Equipment and Technology:

    All equipment is used to make sure that they could operate 24/7 and is always prepared for contingency risk system to make sure our system can run in late night or early morning.

    Using machine to delivery card, reduce staff, increase automation.

    License plate recognition technology, warning is generated on license plate which is different to the one entered before with same card.

    Systems give an alert in case if 1 card is used for many bikes or cars.

    Alert is generated when card is expired or about to expire.

    System can integrate: barrier, volume, indicators, alert empty lot.


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