• Shopping Malls, Hypermarket

    At the shopping mall, hypermarket, high check in - out of occupancy, high risks… operation need to be stable and safe, that is the first thing which our management focus on. Green Parking will provide consultation and install access control and parking management system which is most suitable for customer needs.


    For the parking lot with large size: 3000 to 50.000 turns/day

    Continuous operation time: normal system will run around 16-18 hours/ day and can increase until 20 hours/ day for Parking lots at the cinema.

    Priority for processing speed and safety: for parking lot with diverse customers and rush hours.

    Fee charge: base on check in or check out times, the conditions for customer with voucher or without.

    Staffs for delivery card: reduce maximum time to settle.

    Parking lots with large size and high capacity.

    Equipment and Technology:

    We use the specialized equipment for fast speed processing, with accuracy and which can operate outdoor for long time.

    Cameras are integrated with license plate recognition technology to support parking operation, statistic  vehicles turns check in, check out, support data for marketing.

    Using Load Balancing Method ensure the system is stable even in rush hours.

    Load Balance Technology to settle system.

    Software can change lanes flexible fast depend on rush hours.

    System can integrate Barrier, announce volume, Fee Led Indicator, the indicators show empty lot.  


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