Variety technology products, customized design parking lot, all sided maintenance, guarantee stable in operation , safety, user friendly, management totally... these are the prominent features in Green Parking sytem.

  • 1. Designing, consulting, and parking control solution:

    a.       Survey and provide consultation and designing solutions

    b.      Consultation solutions and management technology as parking architecture features and owner’s budget.

    c.       Designing parking operation solution and managing technology base on specific and exact customer needs.


    2. Constructing, installation, maintenance access control consists:

    a.       Construct and install parking access control system as parking architecture.

    b.      Integrating and providing software for the systems which are needed.

    c.       Maintenance, repair all in one. 


    System Leasing to control, operate and manage a parking lot for short term and long term period.



    Provide Equipment to run parking operation



    Design and install Supervise Camera Systems    



     Supervising Cameras for security

    Reference Parking Solution ...HERE...

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